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  1. Photo of Fred Schepisi

    Fred Schepisi Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Theo Pelletier

    Theo Pelletier Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Junkerman

    John Junkerman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gary Ross

    Gary Ross Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kevin Wade

    Kevin Wade Screenplay

  6. Photo of Monte Merrick

    Monte Merrick Screenplay

  7. Photo of Tom Selleck

    Tom Selleck Cast

  8. Photo of Ken Takakura

    Ken Takakura Cast

  9. Photo of Aya Takanashi

    Aya Takanashi Cast

  10. Photo of Dennis Haysbert

    Dennis Haysbert Cast

  11. Photo of Toshi Shioya

    Toshi Shioya Cast

  12. Photo of Kosuke Toyohara

    Kosuke Toyohara Cast

  13. Photo of Toshizo Fujiwara

    Toshizo Fujiwara Cast

  14. Photo of Mak Takano

    Mak Takano Cast

  15. Photo of Kenji Morinaga

    Kenji Morinaga Cast

  16. Photo of Joh Nishimura

    Joh Nishimura Cast

  17. Photo of Ian Baker

    Ian Baker Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  19. Photo of Doug Claybourne

    Doug Claybourne Producer

  20. Photo of Jeffrey Silver

    Jeffrey Silver Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Peter Honess

    Peter Honess Editing