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  1. Photo of Henry Koster

    Henry Koster Director

  2. Photo of Nunnally Johnson

    Nunnally Johnson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edward Streeter

    Edward Streeter Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jerry Wald

    Jerry Wald Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Henry Mancini

    Henry Mancini Music

  6. Photo of William C. Mellor

    William C. Mellor Cinematography

  7. Photo of Marjorie Fowler

    Marjorie Fowler Editing

  8. Photo of Malcolm Brown

    Malcolm Brown Production Design

  9. Photo of Jack Martin Smith

    Jack Martin Smith Production Design

  10. Photo of Alfred Bruzlin

    Alfred Bruzlin Sound

  11. Photo of Warren B. Delaplain

    Warren B. Delaplain Sound

  12. Photo of James Stewart

    James Stewart Cast

  13. Photo of Maureen O'Hara

    Maureen O'Hara Cast

  14. Photo of Fabian

    Fabian Cast

  15. Photo of John Saxon

    John Saxon Cast

  16. Photo of Marie Wilson

    Marie Wilson Cast

  17. Photo of Reginald Gardiner

    Reginald Gardiner Cast

  18. Photo of Lauri Peters

    Lauri Peters Cast

  19. Photo of Valerie Varda

    Valerie Varda Cast

  20. Photo of Lili Gentle

    Lili Gentle Cast

  21. Photo of John McGiver

    John McGiver Cast

  22. Photo of Natalie Trundy

    Natalie Trundy Cast

  23. Photo of Josh Peine

    Josh Peine Cast

  24. Photo of Minerva Urecal

    Minerva Urecal Cast

  25. Photo of Michael Burns

    Michael Burns Cast

  26. Photo of Richard Collier

    Richard Collier Cast