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  1. Photo of Mike Figgis

    Mike Figgis Director

  2. Photo of Eric Roth

    Eric Roth Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Cristofer

    Michael Cristofer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jerry A. Baerwitz

    Jerry A. Baerwitz Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Debra Greenfield

    Debra Greenfield Producer

  6. Photo of Alan Greisman

    Alan Greisman Producer

  7. Photo of Maurice Jarre

    Maurice Jarre Music

  8. Photo of Juan Ruiz Anchía

    Juan Ruiz Anchía Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tom Rolf

    Tom Rolf Editing

  10. Photo of Waldemar Kalinowski

    Waldemar Kalinowski Production Design

  11. Photo of Richard Gere

    Richard Gere Cast and Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Lena Olin

    Lena Olin Cast

  13. Photo of Anne Bancroft

    Anne Bancroft Cast

  14. Photo of Tom Irwin

    Tom Irwin Cast

  15. Photo of Delroy Lindo

    Delroy Lindo Cast

  16. Photo of Bruce Altman

    Bruce Altman Cast

  17. Photo of Lauren Tom

    Lauren Tom Cast

  18. Photo of Lisa Malkiewicz

    Lisa Malkiewicz Cast

  19. Photo of Thomas Kopache

    Thomas Kopache Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Jurasik

    Peter Jurasik Cast

  21. Photo of León Singer

    León Singer Cast

  22. Photo of Anna Maria Horsford

    Anna Maria Horsford Cast