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Ratings & Reviews

  1. jeanlice's rating of the film Mr. Long

    there is one scene when hitman-gone-hawker Long has a dream of the subject of his failed hit finding him on the street behind Long's food cart preparing noodles and asks out of sheer perplexity something along the lines of "which hitman turns into a chef preparing noodles?!?". that line describes the whole dilemma of this film perfectly.

  2. Sarah's rating of the film Mr. Long

    there was physical splatter-like violence against mainly unknown men. the very heavy psychological abuse however was against a child and his mother. the mother also gets raped and beaten by a man. unnecessary uneaven violence, which even didn't make the plot better. there were very interesting parts too and I even had to laugh from time to time. soundtrack was good. cinematography too.

  3. 丹尼斯's rating of the film Mr. Long