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  1. Photo of Bruno Bozzetto

    Bruno Bozzetto Director, Executive Producer, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Guido Manuli

    Guido Manuli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurizio Nichetti

    Maurizio Nichetti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carlo Romano

    Carlo Romano Voice

  5. Photo of Gianfranco Mauri

    Gianfranco Mauri Voice

  6. Photo of Grazia Pivetti

    Grazia Pivetti Voice

  7. Photo of Enzo Lucchesi

    Enzo Lucchesi Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ugo Magni

    Ugo Magni Cinematography

  9. Photo of Franco Godi

    Franco Godi Music

  10. Photo of Giancarlo Rossi

    Giancarlo Rossi Editing

  11. Photo of Edoardo Cavalli

    Edoardo Cavalli Animation

  12. Photo of Antonio Dall'Osso

    Antonio Dall'Osso Animation

  13. Photo of Fabio Pacifico

    Fabio Pacifico Animation

  14. Photo of Giorgio Valentini

    Giorgio Valentini Animation

  15. Photo of Massimo Vitetta

    Massimo Vitetta Animation