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  1. Lucas Granero's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    Bing consigue dar cuenta de una idea a la que el cine no pocas veces renuncia: que la muerte es algo tan excepcional como natural. La cercanía que instala entre su cámara y la señora Fang vuelve lo físico de su método una cuestión que intenta derribar cualquier tipo de sensacionalismo en torno a un cuerpo muriendo, para tan sólo exponerlo en su única y más justa naturaleza. Tan solo hay que mirar de cerca a los ojos.

  2. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    3,5 - A face is a landscape (and a life).

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    4.5 Wang Bing ha fatto di meglio ma questo film mi è piaciuto davvero tanto.

  4. qw0aszx's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    ...yet life still goes on...

  5. C'est Bastien's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

  6. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

  7. João Martins's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    Definitely different from his previous films like 'Till Death Do Us Part, but Mrs. Fang reaches the point of the humanity aspect of Alzheimer's disease and death only felt by herself. Wang Bing is not intrusive as we may think at first. His work is trying to show the real facts of human factor: the way we feel it in our skin and the way people around us percept the struggle in cause.

  8. Jeff Heinzl's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    As the still image above indicates, this is a movie that draws most of its power from the haunted face of its bedridden protagonist. I say 'haunted,' but that doesn't quite capture its expressive nearness to death and to dream, its refusal to be silenced by the voices planning and praying for death. The face is the film's center, demanding that we understand the rest of the world as proceeding somehow from it.

  9. apursansar's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    A superficial, pointless film made by a director who no longer cares about the subjects he depicts.

  10. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

  11. Scott Barley's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    A film of three faces. 1. Confusion 2. Fear 3. Ecstasy Like a brief window into Fou Tchou-Li's expression.

  12. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    2 politico, ed è anche tanto.

  13. Dries's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    Noioso e inconcludente. Non lasciatevi fuorviare dalla storia della vecchia morente, lo spazio a lei dedicato è davvero una piccola parte di quest'opera che definire film è impossibile dato che è più una serie di situazioni sconnesse che alla fine non emozionano e non lasciano nulla se non la solita bellezza formale. Vedetevi Dying at grace di Allan King che è tutt'un altra storia, questo è solo x fan hardcore d Bing

  14. Gabriele Pumo's rating of the film Mrs. Fang

    2.5 An admittedly unpretentious documentary that still manages to capture some inspired shots of the dying Mrs. Fang.