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  1. Photo of Markus Imboden

    Markus Imboden Director

  2. Photo of Simone Borowiak

    Simone Borowiak Screenplay and Novel

  3. Photo of Hans Kantereit

    Hans Kantereit Screenplay

  4. Photo of Iris Berben

    Iris Berben Cast

  5. Photo of Martina Gedeck

    Martina Gedeck Cast

  6. Photo of Jeanette Hain

    Jeanette Hain Cast

  7. Photo of Olli Dittrich

    Olli Dittrich Cast

  8. Photo of Thomas Heinze

    Thomas Heinze Cast

  9. Photo of Helmut Fülbert

    Helmut Fülbert Cast

  10. Photo of Gisela Schneeberger

    Gisela Schneeberger Cast

  11. Photo of Susanne Schäfer

    Susanne Schäfer Cast

  12. Photo of Werner Karle Jr.

    Werner Karle Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Christian Pätzold

    Christian Pätzold Cast

  14. Photo of Pep Munné

    Pep Munné Cast

  15. Photo of Sergi Mateu

    Sergi Mateu Cast

  16. Photo of Pep Tosar

    Pep Tosar Cast

  17. Photo of Benedict Neuenfels

    Benedict Neuenfels Cinematography

  18. Photo of Stephan Zacharias

    Stephan Zacharias Music

  19. Photo of Dieter Bächle

    Dieter Bächle Production Design

  20. Photo of Uschi Reich

    Uschi Reich Producer

  21. Photo of Peter Zenk

    Peter Zenk Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Daniela Beauvais

    Daniela Beauvais Editing

  23. Photo of Simon Buchner

    Simon Buchner Sound

  24. Photo of Maria Dimler

    Maria Dimler Costume Design