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  1. Photo of Tomris Giritlioglu

    Tomris Giritlioglu Director

  2. Photo of Cafer Özgül

    Cafer Özgül Producer

  3. Photo of Şükrü Avşar

    Şükrü Avşar Producer

  4. Photo of Etyen Mahçupyan

    Etyen Mahçupyan Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tamer Baran

    Tamer Baran Screenplay

  6. Photo of Yilmaz Karakoyunlu

    Yilmaz Karakoyunlu Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ercan Yılmaz

    Ercan Yılmaz Cinematography

  8. Photo of Yavuz Türkeri

    Yavuz Türkeri Cinematography

  9. Photo of Dolunay Soysert

    Dolunay Soysert Cast

  10. Photo of Uğur Polat

    Uğur Polat Cast

  11. Photo of Güven Kiraç

    Güven Kiraç Cast

  12. Photo of Hülya Avşar

    Hülya Avşar Cast

  13. Photo of Derya Alabora

    Derya Alabora Cast

  14. Photo of Zuhal Olcay

    Zuhal Olcay Cast

  15. Photo of Yavuz Bingol

    Yavuz Bingol Cast

  16. Photo of Zafer Algöz

    Zafer Algöz Cast

  17. Photo of Nurseli Idiz

    Nurseli Idiz Cast

  18. Photo of Kamran Usluer

    Kamran Usluer Cast

  19. Photo of Murat Daltaban

    Murat Daltaban Cast

  20. Photo of Yaşar Akın

    Yaşar Akın Cast

  21. Photo of Mevlüt Kocak

    Mevlüt Kocak Editing

  22. Photo of Mustafa Ziya Ülkenciler

    Mustafa Ziya Ülkenciler Production Design

  23. Photo of Tamer Çıray

    Tamer Çıray Music