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  1. Hubert Heathertoes's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

  2. Floriana's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Un film che ho amato molto. Un'opera che impone un ritmo lento, ma mai intellettuale, che cresce fino alla fine e che, a mio avviso, arriva a centrare perfettamente il bersaglio. Parla della vita, degli esseri umani, dei rapporti grandi e di quelli piccoli. I testi della poetessa su cui indaga la protagonista, sono bellissimi e profondi. Un film? Un documentario? Questo è quello che vorrei sempre vedere. Arte.

  3. Joaquín Font's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Sobre lo que no se puede ya salvar y que sin embargo debemos proteger.

  4. manybits's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Hard core: the fetish of the dymo letratag labeller. "Property of Houghton Library" gives me a hard on. I had not experienced anything like this in years. A hard on, I mean. Who cares about the content of those letters, seriously, just give me more bureaucracy. I want library bureaucracy porn. Master and slave S&M: "no you can't use a pen" (YES MASTER!!!), "what's your identifier code?" (YES MASTER!!!). Edging.

  5. ellyg's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    The story is interesting, but while it tries to be intimate and reflective it fails due to its slowness and its unflappable protagonist. It tells nothing substantial about Zofia Bohdanowiczowa or Józef Wittlin. The use of different devices could probably have rendered this film more effectively.

  6. lola's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    TMI but this gave me an asmr feeling

  7. b.joret's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    Appreciated the emphasis on the physical nature of communication (which we tend to forget these days), and the tension between the intimacy of an interpersonal exchange of letters and the public character of an archive. The film gives Audrey open platform to engage with het great-grandmother's letters, choice of words, translations on a personal research trip into her literary heirloom.

  8. lesminho's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

  9. Fatma's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    a short but rich film.

  10. Fernando Figueroa's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    it would feel the charming along the confusion and poetry if the tape would have let more time to the letters or poems reading, instead of the anoying starting over and over burocracy.

  11. Juan Soto's rating of the film MS Slavic 7

    What is at stake here are not only several dichotomies such as the familiar/the uncanny, reality/non-fiction, memory/oblivion or documents vs. Its fragility, but crucially for me, the inscrutability of identity and its “hauntologies”.

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