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  1. Photo of Valentin Karavaev

    Valentin Karavaev Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aleksandr Kostinskiy

    Aleksandr Kostinskiy Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ivan Turgenev

    Ivan Turgenev Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aleksandr Kalyagin

    Aleksandr Kalyagin Cast

  5. Photo of Valeriy Strukov

    Valeriy Strukov Cinematography

  6. Photo of Aleksandr Raskatov

    Aleksandr Raskatov Music

  7. Photo of O. Khruleva

    O. Khruleva Producer

  8. Photo of Izabella Gerasimova

    Izabella Gerasimova Editing

  9. Photo of Vladimir Kutuzov

    Vladimir Kutuzov Sound

  10. Photo of Anatoliy Abarenov

    Anatoliy Abarenov Animation

  11. Photo of Natalya Bogomolova

    Natalya Bogomolova Animation

  12. Photo of Violetta Kolesnikova

    Violetta Kolesnikova Animation

  13. Photo of Yuri Kulakov

    Yuri Kulakov Animation

  14. Photo of Yuriy Kuzyurin

    Yuriy Kuzyurin Animation

  15. Photo of Lyudmila Lobanova

    Lyudmila Lobanova Animation

  16. Photo of Elena Malashenkova

    Elena Malashenkova Animation

  17. Photo of Roman Mitrofanov

    Roman Mitrofanov Animation

  18. Photo of Vyacheslav Shilobreev

    Vyacheslav Shilobreev Animation