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  1. Photo of Marcela Borela

    Marcela Borela Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Siron Franco

    Siron Franco Self

  3. Photo of Antônio Porteiro

    Antônio Porteiro Self

  4. Photo of Amaury Menezes

    Amaury Menezes Self

  5. Photo of Juca de Lima

    Juca de Lima Self

  6. Photo of Carlos Sena

    Carlos Sena Self

  7. Photo of Divino Sobral

    Divino Sobral Self

  8. Photo of Marcelo Solá

    Marcelo Solá Self

  9. Photo of Kuliano Moraes

    Kuliano Moraes Self

  10. Photo of Gilmar Camilo

    Gilmar Camilo Self

  11. Photo of Mateus Dutra

    Mateus Dutra Self

  12. Photo of Faníola Moraes

    Faníola Moraes Self

  13. Photo of Paulo Veiga

    Paulo Veiga Self

  14. Photo of Pedro Guimarães

    Pedro Guimarães Cinematography

  15. Photo of Letycia Rossi

    Letycia Rossi Production Design

  16. Photo of Maíra Atti

    Maíra Atti Producer

  17. Photo of Guilherme Wohlgemuth

    Guilherme Wohlgemuth Producer

  18. Photo of Robney Bruno

    Robney Bruno Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Érico Rossi

    Érico Rossi Editing

  20. Photo of Jader Augustus

    Jader Augustus Editing