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  1. Photo of Rina Castelnuovo

    Rina Castelnuovo Director

  2. Photo of Tamir Elterman

    Tamir Elterman Director

  3. Photo of Muhammad El-Farrah

    Muhammad El-Farrah Self

  4. Photo of Hamuda Abu Naim El Farrah

    Hamuda Abu Naim El Farrah Self

  5. Photo of Buma Inbar

    Buma Inbar Self

  6. Photo of Hiba El-Farrah

    Hiba El-Farrah Self

  7. Photo of Awatef El-Farrah

    Awatef El-Farrah Self

  8. Photo of Ashraf El-Farrah

    Ashraf El-Farrah Self

  9. Photo of Nasrallah El-Farrah

    Nasrallah El-Farrah Self

  10. Photo of Tamar Baneth

    Tamar Baneth Self

  11. Photo of Tamara Nevo

    Tamara Nevo Self

  12. Photo of Prof. Raz Somech

    Prof. Raz Somech Self

  13. Photo of Danielle Kitaichik

    Danielle Kitaichik Self

  14. Photo of Meir Starick

    Meir Starick Self

  15. Photo of Said Ghazali

    Said Ghazali Self

  16. Photo of Salma Baba

    Salma Baba Self