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  1. Joe's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    Absolute masterpiece. Lynch's best

  2. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    So I've decided that David Lynch is a performance artist pretending to be a director, but we're not in on the joke.

  3. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    One of the best movies ever made about the Hollywood circus, specially if you're ingenuous, from a small town, dreamy, kind and a helpful soul, in a cage full of snakes. Pretty sure Lynch distilled his own experiences in the ring. Acid, surgical and straight to the point. Masterpiece.

  4. xuxuxush's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    I've never been able to quite appreciate Lynch--his flashy extremities and surfaces; his fixation on grotesque violence and nightmarish absurdity; his caricatural pastiche of genres and tropes, making empathy impossible. At times he seems to embody the worst of Jamesonian postmodernism, creating an army of cold, detached, quasi sociopathic viewers. Tho some of this was fascinating—one world is the other reshuffled.

  5. drlurl's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    A puzzle daring its viewers to try and piece it together, Mulholland Drive is as fascinating as it is inscrutable. The film, with its tightly-acted vignettes and a plot that meanders with purpose, is hypnotic to watch as it pulls off the neat trick of leaving audiences with little-to-no clue of what actually happens, while keeping you engaged all the while. A film for those who love to be spellbound

  6. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    (4.5 stars) When I originally saw this in the theatre back in 2001, I absolutely hated it. Rewatching it after many years have passed... Damn, I think I love it. The first two hours are a great mystery thriller. The last 30 minutes is absolutely batshit crazy. Lynch really is a master of creating tension and an ominous mood. He does it really, really, REALLY well. I'm sure I will rewatch and find even more to love.

  7. alan2's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    Perhaps one of the most famous neo noirs of all time

  8. savannah k leit's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    David Lynch mixes the perfect amount of mystery, seduction, and angst in this formalism neo-noir film. Viewers are taken on an eerie, confusing journey as the narrative is not linear. Lynch and Naomi Watts are a dream team in this equally dreamy film. With Watts’ mesmerizing and heartbreaking performance mixed with Lynch’s manipulation, the end result is truly gripping and worthy of a rewatch.

  9. NicholasHeinecke's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    This movie was full of surprises. And questions. Each character was brought into the movie with such mystery and oddity, and it really created a feeling of unease throughout the film. Many scenes lacked background music, which further added to the intensity. Overall, it was an interesting film.

  10. Vinny's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland drive is an ambiguous horror story. The constant reality changes are a fascinating aspect about this movie. Lynch uses confusion and suspense to really engage the audience. The film makes you keep wanting to watch more to discover new evidence about the plot so you can fill the huge blanks that Lynch left out, however some blanks were not filled and in return must be filled by the audiences imagination.

  11. Sakinah's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    This film was very much confusing. Overall, I don't necessarily like it. The acting, especially in the first 1 1/2 hours, was the worse part of the movie to me, but I couldn't tell if it was on purpose or not. Because once latter scenes came into play, appearing to be set in alternative universes, the acting seemingly balanced out the movie and its effectiveness. Still, in in the end, the plot was never made clear.

  12. Bernie's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    I have never seen any of David Lynch’s work and was hopeful but left not understanding anything. The acting ranges from awful to good depending on what was occurring which leads to the belief that it was intentional. The story is all over the place and never pulls together enough to make any sense, leaving it to the viewer to decide. Usually I enjoy this, but there is just too much wrong to justify a second viewing.

  13. Jeffrey's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    MD is an excellent psychological thriller. Everything is somewhat in reverse with the films beginning having far more resolution than the mysterious ending. The only 2 things I understand fully about MD is: 1. Monty The Cowboy is a very powerful entity. 2. I(the viewer) do not have a clue what happened. Unlike most stories, MD can be considered a state function, where only beginning & end are important, not the path.

  14. dana's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    A surrealistic warping of time and reality. Everything feels like a dream world but at the same time there is this haunting suspense. Lynch takes your brain and twists it leaving you confused but intrigued. Definitely one of those films you will be trying to piece together in your sleep long after you've watched it.

  15. Brian's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    Where to start with this strange and unique movie. The film follows a girl trying to make it as an actress, but ends up spending more time helping a confused girl. They become friends, the rest is up to all the viewers to watch. It's a movie that gets you thinking of how will this end,and how will this effect the plot next? I personally gave it a two star, because I thought the acting quality was overall mediocre.

  16. Kavionna's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    The film was confusing the plot was all over the place. I could not tell if it was real or if it was In dream sequence. At times it had it's pretty intense moments. Various parts of the movie came off as disturbing. It came off as confusing as to what happened to Betty and why she disappeared.

  17. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    Quite an achievement. Dreamy and hypnotic. A different take on Bergman's Persona, that's for sure.

  18. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    David Lynch does it again in this cryptic and winding film. Never settling into an obvious rhythm, the film jumps around the city. Each scene adds depth and atmosphere until the story is mired in a winding plot. The brilliance of the movie grows out of this miring sensation. The first viewing is fraught, but if you are willing to be lost the film rewards the open viewer with a weird and wonderful concluding act.

  19. Capela's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

  20. Rupert Giles's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

  21. Bruno's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    Lynch não tem nada a dizer. Alguma expressão memorável, mas oca soa, vazia se vê. O tema - Hollywood - não me interessa particularmente, confesso

  22. Philippe Lajède's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

  23. Catarina Monteiro's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    4.5 watch persona by bergman first and then we can talk but you're good anyway

  24. The Paris-Chinese Border's rating of the film Mulholland Drive

    Charged with sexuality and absurd surrealism, Mulholland Drive twists and turns through and around itself to craft a complex, confusing narrative with countless breadcrumbs that seemingly end nowhere. A movie that demands to be watched in a dark silence.

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