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  1. Photo of Nick Nolte

    Nick Nolte Cast

  2. Photo of Melanie Griffith

    Melanie Griffith Cast

  3. Photo of Chazz Palminteri

    Chazz Palminteri Cast

  4. Photo of Michael Madsen

    Michael Madsen Cast

  5. Photo of Chris Penn

    Chris Penn Cast

  6. Photo of Treat Williams

    Treat Williams Cast

  7. Photo of Jennifer Connelly

    Jennifer Connelly Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Baldwin

    Daniel Baldwin Cast

  9. Photo of Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew McCarthy Cast

  10. Photo of John Malkovich

    John Malkovich Cast

  11. Photo of Kyle Chandler

    Kyle Chandler Cast

  12. Photo of Ed Lauter

    Ed Lauter Cast

  13. Photo of Rob Lowe

    Rob Lowe Cast

  14. Photo of William Petersen

    William Petersen Cast

  15. Photo of Lee Tamahori

    Lee Tamahori Director

  16. Photo of Peter Dexter

    Peter Dexter Screenplay

  17. Photo of Floyd Mutrux

    Floyd Mutrux Screenplay

  18. Photo of Lili Fini Zanuck

    Lili Fini Zanuck Producer

  19. Photo of Richard D. Zanuck

    Richard D. Zanuck Producer

  20. Photo of Dave Grusin

    Dave Grusin Music

  21. Photo of Haskell Wexler

    Haskell Wexler Cinematography

  22. Photo of Mario Iscovich

    Mario Iscovich Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Sally Menke

    Sally Menke Editing

  24. Photo of Richard Sylbert

    Richard Sylbert Production Design