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  1. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

  2. Juan Javier's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

  3. AugusteB's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Music and image flow and your soul enters the 60ies in Mülheim (Ruhr). Brilliant.

  4. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Wow! Thank you, MUBI! That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! A very generalized thing to say, but I seldom go there, so hopefully any who have endured my diatribes and polemics will register what it might mean for me to be wordless (or maybe overworded! from how specific and yet poetic this film is) and tossing superlatives without saying specifically why. I hope this series gets extended! Please!

  5. Photosynthesis's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    ¿Habrán visto Bernd e Hilla Becher los documentales de Nestler? Esta película tiene mucho del trabajo de estos fotógrafos, sobre todo porque documenta la misma zona del Ruhr. ¡Maravilloso!

  6. EdieEmm's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    No doubt the stilted ragtime, jazzy classical guitar, and mouth harp triple threat of the score had different affective or cultural connotations in 1960s W. Germany, but they're pretty awkwardly/miserably lost in temporal translation. I appreciate the fact of the clear-eyed class consciousness far more than I appreciate the film. 2.5

  7. AVA's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Ein schönes Zeitzeugnis des Alltages in den 60iger Jahren.Zu bewundern die fast Auto freien Straßen,auf denen Kind noch spielen konnte.Ebenso die,wieder aktuelle,Herrenfrisur.

  8. SpacePirate's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Good visuals and kinda reminded me of my hometown with a lot of the factories and run down buildings and simple folk trying to make the best of life. The soundtrack did not seem to fit the visuals for me and distracted a bit, so for me this is a middle of the road short. Do I think I would watch it again? Prob not, but it was enjoyable. 3 stars

  9. L.K.'s rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Interesting film with terrible music/

  10. darioscha's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Otro pequeño corto de Nestler, ahora sobre la ciudad de Ruhr. Texturas, paisajes, primeros planos de la gente local, todo un registro sin diálogos acompañada de una música que parece ir por su propia lado.

  11. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

  12. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    If the phone book were written as a poem. A film in the spirit of Wiseman without the emphasis on mechanics or proclamations of objectivity. Nestler seems to be after capturing the spirit - the people that make up the place and time - than the historical perspective. The end product might be closer to the truth.

  13. DrFirestone's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    A snapshot of the 1960s' Ruhr area, expressed through a series of rather unimaginative images. The experience is saved by interesting use of music and literally a couple of strong images, that is: an old man in the mist covered park and the scene where children play in the empty, foggy streets of Mulheim (I suppose). It seems to me like a wasted opportunity to make something truly special...

  14. Alexine Chanel's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    splendid black and white geometry shrouded in recurring, dreamy fog, all of this contrasts beautifully with a really funky, colourful soundtrack, it's a bit like a tale about hardcore postwar germany

  15. Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    J'ai vu ce film pour la première fois en 1965, au festival de courts métrages d'Evian. Il m'avait durablement impressionné par son humanité, sa générosité, sa manière à la fois calme et implacable de décrire une réalité dure mais finalement habitable, habitée. Plus de 50 ans plus tard, je le retrouve enfin, grâce à Mubi, tel qu'en lui même... merci!

  16. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Mildly interesting snapshot in time of Germany two decades after the war.

  17. lou.'s rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    This is pure poetry. A wintery, elegant, minimalist elegy, flowing through the subtitle fog of a solitary, silent village. A guitar playing #bossanova while a metronome serves as continuo, only interrupted by a jaw harp's sound ~ to me «un doux souvenir de jeunesse».

  18. GXSullivan's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Impatient and sweeping ethnography with an undercurrent of the joyful forces of rebirth. The Jews harp adds to the mysterious embrace of the life forces of love, labor, loss.

  19. Paul Rot's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

  20. fearraigh's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Part of me would like some vocal testimony in this account of the city of Mülheim but Nestler's approach works a treat. He packs an awful lot into this highly detailed short film. There is a sense of the elegiac about it but, unlike the coal towns in Belgium, England and France, Mülheim had a successful reinvention as an industrial centre. It also helps that the town is full of interesting architecture. Wonderful.

  21. Honeychurch's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    i love snapshot time capsules like this.

  22. FISCHER's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    De l'école au cimetière, en passant par la case football, une existence lugubre dans l'atmosphère glauque de quelques usines encore en activité, le bonheur allemand de la réussite...

  23. captainfez's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    Well, I'm not booking my tickets yet.

  24. Superfrog's rating of the film Mülheim (Ruhr)

    A filmographic slideshow of a disappeared type of town and disappeared type of situations, accompanied by somewhat annoying music. Did not work on me.

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