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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Mumblecore

    Better than I expected considering it is shot entirely with a macbook camera mostly while Lin and Boyle are high. It's kinda like a lo fi Fear and Loathing in LasVegas and sorta better than most legit mumblecore. Maybe like a vine compilation by Richard Linklater? I laughed a fair bit. The best parts are when they try to give away the Nirvana CD and when they get into arguments with people at WholeFoods and WalMart.

  2. dave gunn's rating of the film Mumblecore

    I'm a fan of Tao Lin's writing, and this in many ways mirrors his overall style, but it doesn't work as a film. Long story short, this is over 80 minutes of two 20-somethings on drugs, mumbling wordy but mundane criticisms to each other in front of a Macbook. It's everything I hate about this generation made into a low-budget film.

  3. alcyonidae's rating of the film Mumblecore

    5 stars but I got distracted and opened a new tab around the halfway point and didn't finish it so that's three stars if you round up.

  4. Narcisse Lefebvre's rating of the film Mumblecore

    "The great American love story of the 21st century!" — Thor's Movie Reviews