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  1. Photo of Jim Wynorski

    Jim Wynorski Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Loni Anderson

    Loni Anderson Cast

  3. Photo of Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens Cast

  4. Photo of Jaime McEnnan

    Jaime McEnnan Cast

  5. Photo of Arte Johnson

    Arte Johnson Cast

  6. Photo of Dom DeLuise

    Dom DeLuise Cast

  7. Photo of Toni Naples

    Toni Naples Cast

  8. Photo of Mike Simmrin

    Mike Simmrin Cast

  9. Photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Cast

  10. Photo of Monique Gabrielle

    Monique Gabrielle Cast

  11. Photo of Ace Mask

    Ace Mask Cast

  12. Photo of Lenny Juliano

    Lenny Juliano Cast

  13. Photo of John Henry Richardson

    John Henry Richardson Cast

  14. Photo of Fred Olen Ray

    Fred Olen Ray Cast

  15. Photo of George 'Buck' Flower

    George 'Buck' Flower Cast

  16. Photo of Lou Bonacki

    Lou Bonacki Cast

  17. Photo of R.J. Robertson

    R.J. Robertson Cast and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Becky LeBeau

    Becky LeBeau Cast

  19. Photo of Angus Scrimm

    Angus Scrimm Cast

  20. Photo of Bob Sheridan

    Bob Sheridan Cast

  21. Photo of Linda Shayne

    Linda Shayne Cast

  22. Photo of Brinke Stevens

    Brinke Stevens Cast

  23. Photo of Don E. FauntLeRoy

    Don E. FauntLeRoy Cinematography

  24. Photo of Chuck Cirino

    Chuck Cirino Music and Cast

  25. Photo of Stuart Blatt

    Stuart Blatt Production Design

  26. Photo of Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Producer

  27. Photo of John Marshall

    John Marshall Producer

  28. Photo of Michele Weisler

    Michele Weisler Producer

  29. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Richard Gentner

    Richard Gentner Editing

  31. Photo of Christopher M. Taylor

    Christopher M. Taylor Sound

  32. Photo of Carey Meyer

    Carey Meyer Art Department

  33. Photo of Gabriel Bartalos

    Gabriel Bartalos Special Effects

  34. Photo of John Deall

    John Deall Special Effects

  35. Photo of Dan Frye

    Dan Frye Special Effects

  36. Photo of David Kindlon

    David Kindlon Special Effects