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  1. Photo of Gene Deitch

    Gene Deitch Director

  2. Photo of William L. Snyder

    William L. Snyder Producer

  3. Photo of Jules Feiffer

    Jules Feiffer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Howard Morris

    Howard Morris Cast

  5. Photo of Seth Deitch

    Seth Deitch Cast

  6. Photo of Zdenka Navrátilová

    Zdenka Navrátilová Editing

  7. Photo of Al Kouzel

    Al Kouzel Production Design

  8. Photo of Václav Bedrich

    Václav Bedrich Animation

  9. Photo of Jindrich Bárta

    Jindrich Bárta Animation

  10. Photo of Mirek Kacena

    Mirek Kacena Animation

  11. Photo of Milan Klikar

    Milan Klikar Animation

  12. Photo of Vera Kudrnová

    Vera Kudrnová Animation

  13. Photo of Bohumil Siska

    Bohumil Siska Animation

  14. Photo of Zdenek Smetana

    Zdenek Smetana Animation

  15. Photo of Frantisek Cerný

    Frantisek Cerný Sound

  16. Photo of Karel Jakl

    Karel Jakl Sound