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  1. Photo of Tim Hill

    Tim Hill Director

  2. Photo of Jerry Juhl

    Jerry Juhl Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joey Mazzarino

    Joey Mazzarino Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ken Kaufman

    Ken Kaufman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dave Goelz

    Dave Goelz Cast

  6. Photo of Bill Barretta

    Bill Barretta Cast

  7. Photo of Jerry Nelson

    Jerry Nelson Cast

  8. Photo of Kevin Clash

    Kevin Clash Cast

  9. Photo of Frank Oz

    Frank Oz Cast

  10. Photo of Jeffrey Tambor

    Jeffrey Tambor Cast

  11. Photo of F. Murray Abraham

    F. Murray Abraham Cast

  12. Photo of Rob Schneider

    Rob Schneider Cast

  13. Photo of Josh Charles

    Josh Charles Cast

  14. Photo of Ray Liotta

    Ray Liotta Cast

  15. Photo of David Arquette

    David Arquette Cast

  16. Photo of Andie MacDowell

    Andie MacDowell Cast

  17. Photo of Kathy Griffin

    Kathy Griffin Cast

  18. Photo of Pat Hingle

    Pat Hingle Cast

  19. Photo of Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan Cast

  20. Photo of Veronica Alicino

    Veronica Alicino Cast

  21. Photo of David Lenthall

    David Lenthall Cast

  22. Photo of Richard Fullerton

    Richard Fullerton Cast

  23. Photo of Mark Joy

    Mark Joy Cast

  24. Photo of Carl Espy

    Carl Espy Cast

  25. Photo of Deron Barnett

    Deron Barnett Cast

  26. Photo of Chrissy Mullins

    Chrissy Mullins Cast

  27. Photo of Elaine Nalee

    Elaine Nalee Cast

  28. Photo of Alan Caso

    Alan Caso Cinematography

  29. Photo of Jamshied Sharifi

    Jamshied Sharifi Music

  30. Photo of Stephen Marsh

    Stephen Marsh Production Design

  31. Photo of Martin G. Baker

    Martin G. Baker Producer

  32. Photo of Brian Henson

    Brian Henson Producer and Cast

  33. Photo of Timothy M. Bourne

    Timothy M. Bourne Producer

  34. Photo of Alex Rockwell

    Alex Rockwell Producer

  35. Photo of Stephanie Allain

    Stephanie Allain Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Kristine Belson

    Kristine Belson Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Richard Pearson

    Richard Pearson Editing

  38. Photo of Michael A. Stevenson

    Michael A. Stevenson Editing

  39. Photo of Carl Rudisill

    Carl Rudisill Sound