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  1. Paul Rot's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Agnès Varda and this so great film. Thank you. We love you so much. ❤️

  2. Thomas's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Varda's documentaries inject a keen and exciting level of personal devotion and commitment to her subjects, and this is no exception. A playful ramble through a vivid and colourful LA with an equally vibrant and diverse collection of denizens. The whole things is a remarkable, visually striking collage. The amount of time it must have taken proves the extent to which Varda's immersion into the process must have been.

  3. P D Dawson's rating of the film Mur Murs

    An illuminating documentary that shows how art needn't be isolated to museums and galleries, and at its best, it exists among us and forms part of our landscape. The murals featured in this film are fantastic, and they show the diversity that was present in 80s LA. The film also made me think how art is a timeless, living and breathing thing, with the power to unite and overcome the differences in our society.

  4. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Mur Murs

    3.8 stars. Varda is such a good egg. This film positively shines with human feelings. It makes even the ugliest of the murals seem beautiful. It's an appropriately free-wheelin' travelogue, anchored only by esoteric patterns of signifiers and the flow of poetry. It feels breezy without ever feeling frivolous. Generally it made humanity seem worth it. Also it helped me understand both Zappa and Love & Rockets better.

  5. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Mur Murs

    A documentary on the murals of Los Angeles that talks to many of the artists and highlights the creativity while also showing how many of those creators of such wonderful art are making a point about how they see their world around them, whether that is obvious in the mural or not.

  6. Arunn's rating of the film Mur Murs

    A nice documentary about the murals by the Mexican settlers of LA. Some of them have taken years to paint, while the life around the city and locality has changed. And a few are breathtaking in their scope and sheer size. It is amazing to know at one time -- 1980s -- these murals could have made the city the world's largest open art gallery. An update of the status of these murals today ~ 2020 is in order.

  7. reece's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Love this film. Agnes has an incredible singular vision of what a film can be. Love it.

  8. dreamseed's rating of the film Mur Murs

    I wonder if any other filmmaker can choreograph and orchestrate a 'documentary' with such courage and elan. Such a sense of freedom is maybe possible only for someone who can gracefully evade taking any moral high stand, without losing the voice of conscience.

  9. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Although working a familiar trope - the outsider looking in on seemingly mundane aspects of the USA - Varda draws insight beyond the pictorial with calm clarity and ruminative good grace. The pitfalls of worthy social metaphor are avoided with a subtle and kind eye. A good candidate to demonstrate films as evolving forms, which unlike the proverbial stone do gather extra meaning and textured tang with time.

  10. Ruben Vanden Berghe's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Vintage Varda = pure magic, as always.

  11. Nicolas Pierce's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Enjoyed this a lot. Very charming, brimming over with eye-candy visuals and animated by a lively, piercing intelligence.

  12. Ariel Rowan's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Honestly one of the best portraits of a place and people I have seen alongside Daguerreotypes ! A perfect pairing

  13. FISCHER's rating of the film Mur Murs

    A voir absolument pour sa richesse sociologique et sa pertinente réflexion...

  14. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Mur Murs

    A nice love letter to an unsung art form and a part of LA culture glanced over in most films

  15. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Mur Murs

    It was nice to watch the art in the walls.

  16. Kerem Sadi Ekiz's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Varda is a master documentarian without a doubt. They just flow and you never get bored. This was the best one I've seen thanks to impressive and colorful street art of 80s.

  17. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Mur Murs

    My introduction to Agnes. I knew right away this is a filmmaker i should follow deep sea baby.

  18. Jason's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Los Angeles is a place that possesses fairly romantic connotations for me despite the fact that on many levels it is a sleazy, woebegone hellhole. Mur Murs speaks to what appeals to me about Los Angeles, and does so w/ a committed attitude of engagement, wonder, and curiosity. The murals, as well as those who make them and those who live amidst them, suggest a place of colliding elsewheres. This is interculture.

  19. msmichel's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Varda leaves us an interesting time capsule from 1981 capturing the artistic expression of the residents of East L.A. through the remarkable murals throughout the city. Time and urban reinvention have displaced most but the endeavour for expression continues.

  20. Laura Suffield's rating of the film Mur Murs

    This is the THIRD time you have programmed this film in the 2 years or so I have been a member of MUBI. Is there some reason for this? You are also currently showing Sans toit ni loi AGAIN; The Reluctant Revolutionary AGAIN; and Fräulein AGAIN.

  21. db's rating of the film Mur Murs

    On so many levels, an invaluable document.

  22. mpho3's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Coolest movie I've seen about art! "'I wanted to show how a city can express itself. It's really telling a lot about politics, the situation, the segregation. Obviously there are no murals in Bel-Air.' [On film being] a product of time and place ... Varda reflect[ed]: 'Then it becomes, maybe nothing, maybe a witness.'" - Varda quoted by Maria Lopez, KCET at the 2013 restored print premiere, Santa Monica.

  23. dominique s.'s rating of the film Mur Murs

    Wow. This was amazing! The murals she covered and their backgrounds were so intriguing. I love how Varda interviewed the artists. I just wish the audio was a little better in some parts of the documentary.

  24. laurax's rating of the film Mur Murs

    Love Varda's work. This is a beautiful film. Very interesting the way she juxtaposes real people in front of some of the murals - art/life, life/art? Only wish some of the audio was better.

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