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Ratings & Reviews

  1. El Biffo's rating of the film Murder, Inc.

    The lovable Peter Falk turns in a great performance as a sadistic gangster. Must-see for Peter Falk fans!

  2. Gustavo Razera's rating of the film Murder, Inc.

    A straightforward, undistinguished real-life crime thriller marred by one particularly weak link, which is Stuart Whitman's puppy dog-faced, arched-eyebrow, cowardly "hero". May Britt's story arch will send shivers through any feminist's spine. The only reason to sit through this is Peter Falk's chilling, explosive turn as a hot-tempered killer and rapist.

  3. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Murder, Inc.

    The last ten seconds voiced by that PSA-like narrator cannot possibly undo such a film but they try.