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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Stardust Memory's rating of the film Murder Most Foul

    "These are the simple facts of the case, and I guess I ought to know. They say that the stranger was crazed with "hooch," and I'm not denying it’s so. I'm not so wise as the lawyer guys, but strictly between us two β€” The woman that kissed him β€” and pinched his poke β€” was the lady known as Lou." - This movie includes one of the best scenes of all time.

  2. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Murder Most Foul

    Probably the best of a quartet of loose adaptations of Christie novels centred around a lovely, but even looser, characterisation by Rutherford (thrust into ever more improbable situations requiring athleticism from our septuagenarian heroine). As a benign 'B' movie treat they have a simplistic never-never England charm and are the cinematic equivalent of sweet tea.