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  1. Dries's rating of the film Murder-Set-Pieces

    osceno sotto ogni punto di vista

  2. dave gunn's rating of the film Murder-Set-Pieces

    There is some superb violence in this, but it is wasted on a film that lacks any substance or depth whatsoever. It overcompensates with desperate means of shock value (footage of 9/11, Nazi obsession, misogyny, endless nudity). Really, it's just some muscular bro fucking girls and then killing them. You're better off watching American Psycho again.

  3. ZYNAB's rating of the film Murder-Set-Pieces

    blood, check. violent sex, check. nazi references and nazi regalia, check. lol...he tried...but this is like a parody of a parody of a parody of a gross out film? and god when will these idea-bereft hacks stop it with the nazisploitation stuff already it's not 1973 anymore...if you must see it just don't and rent nekromantik instead.

  4. Laser's rating of the film Murder-Set-Pieces

    Hilariously epic. People who hate this movie are just cursed with good taste. If you love horror films that have upset ex girlfriends(because you insisted that they watch it), you will love this movie. It's sleazy, mean, gory, retarded and has tons of nudity. Ebert gave it 4 stars. He adores this film, but every guy does.

  5. Juliet Benson's rating of the film Murder-Set-Pieces

    This is one of the worst films ever to make it to rental. I mean that.

  6. David R.'s rating of the film Murder-Set-Pieces

    Awful, awful, awful. And by that, I mean poorly made, poorly acted, and (worst of all) boring. Folks that want to rail against the August Underground trilogy & other like-minded tours of tastelessness should give this a watch to know how inept those films could've been. Will make the worst film you've ever seen look like a masterpiece in comparison. I cannot slander this piece of obnoxious garbage enough.