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Ratings & Reviews

  1. MS1915's rating of the film Murderball

    A documentary that paints a different picture on paraplegics and how much they CAN do despite their disabilities. The film is follows interesting characters and really packs a punch where it counts; changed my opinion on how awesome a documentary could be.

  2. davefilkins's rating of the film Murderball

    This brutally honest (as well as just plain brutal) trip into the lives of Paralympic athletes competing in the bloody sport of quad rugby, aka Murderball, is as tender as it is intense and captures the hearts of its viewers. A must-see for anyone who enjoys documentaries, sport-films, and/or the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

  3. Joel Cobbs's rating of the film Murderball

    What I love about this is their dedication. These are guys who can never walk again and yet they don't let that stop them. 100% amazing and I highly recommend it for your collection.