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  1. Photo of Vsevolod Pudovkin

    Vsevolod Pudovkin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yuri Tarich

    Yuri Tarich Director

  3. Photo of Manuel Bolshintsov

    Manuel Bolshintsov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ada Vojtsik

    Ada Vojtsik Cast

  5. Photo of Olga Zhizneva

    Olga Zhizneva Cast

  6. Photo of Sofiya Magarill

    Sofiya Magarill Cast

  7. Photo of Mikhail Astangov

    Mikhail Astangov Cast

  8. Photo of Boris Blinov

    Boris Blinov Cast

  9. Photo of Aleksandra Danilova

    Aleksandra Danilova Cast

  10. Photo of Aleksandr Antonov

    Aleksandr Antonov Cast

  11. Photo of Aleksandr Violinov

    Aleksandr Violinov Cast

  12. Photo of Oleg Zhakov

    Oleg Zhakov Cast

  13. Photo of Viktor Kulakov

    Viktor Kulakov Cast

  14. Photo of Aleksandr Rumnyov

    Aleksandr Rumnyov Cast

  15. Photo of Georgiy Svetlani

    Georgiy Svetlani Cast

  16. Photo of Boris Volchek

    Boris Volchek Cinematography

  17. Photo of Era Savelyeva

    Era Savelyeva Cinematography

  18. Photo of Nikolai Kryukov

    Nikolai Kryukov Music

  19. Photo of Artur Berger

    Artur Berger Production Design