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  1. Photo of Alain Resnais

    Alain Resnais Director

  2. Photo of Jean Cayrol

    Jean Cayrol Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sacha Vierny

    Sacha Vierny Cinematography

  4. Photo of Antoine Bonfanti

    Antoine Bonfanti Sound

  5. Photo of Claudine Merlin

    Claudine Merlin Editing

  6. Photo of Kenout Peltier

    Kenout Peltier Editing

  7. Photo of Eric Pluet

    Eric Pluet Editing

  8. Photo of Jacques Saulnier

    Jacques Saulnier Production Design

  9. Photo of Hans Werner Henze

    Hans Werner Henze Music

  10. Photo of Anatole Dauman

    Anatole Dauman Producer

  11. Photo of Delphine Seyrig

    Delphine Seyrig Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Pierre Kérien

    Jean-Pierre Kérien Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée

    Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée Cast

  14. Photo of Nita Klein

    Nita Klein Cast

  15. Photo of Claude Sainval

    Claude Sainval Cast

  16. Photo of Laurence Badie

    Laurence Badie Cast

  17. Photo of Jean Champion

    Jean Champion Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Dasté

    Jean Dasté Cast

  19. Photo of Nelly Borgeaud

    Nelly Borgeaud Cast

  20. Photo of Martine Vatel

    Martine Vatel Cast

  21. Photo of Julien Verdier

    Julien Verdier Cast

  22. Photo of Philippe Laudenbach

    Philippe Laudenbach Cast

  23. Photo of Catherine de Seynes

    Catherine de Seynes Cast

  24. Photo of Françoise Bertin

    Françoise Bertin Cast