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  1. Photo of Hiroshi Teshigahara

    Hiroshi Teshigahara Cast

  2. Photo of Masaki Kobayashi

    Masaki Kobayashi Cast

  3. Photo of Masahiro Shinoda

    Masahiro Shinoda Cast

  4. Photo of Nagisa Ôshima

    Nagisa Ôshima Cast

  5. Photo of Donald Richie

    Donald Richie Cast

  6. Photo of Sumire Yoshihara

    Sumire Yoshihara Cast

  7. Photo of Junko Arase

    Junko Arase Cast

  8. Photo of Yasunori Yamaguchi

    Yasunori Yamaguchi Cast

  9. Photo of Teruo Furuya

    Teruo Furuya Cast

  10. Photo of Teiko Kikuchi

    Teiko Kikuchi Cast

  11. Photo of Aki Takahashi

    Aki Takahashi Cast

  12. Photo of Yukio Tanaka

    Yukio Tanaka Cast

  13. Photo of Seiko Miyazaki

    Seiko Miyazaki Cast

  14. Photo of Yves Jeanneau

    Yves Jeanneau Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Margaret Smilow

    Margaret Smilow Executive Producer, Producer

  16. Photo of Tak Yamada

    Tak Yamada Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Tôru Takemitsu

    Tôru Takemitsu Music, Cast

  18. Photo of Toyomichi Kurita

    Toyomichi Kurita Cinematography

  19. Photo of Bernadine Colish

    Bernadine Colish Editing

  20. Photo of Charlotte Zwerin

    Charlotte Zwerin Editing, Director

  21. Photo of Takao Itoya

    Takao Itoya Sound

  22. Photo of Jonathan Porath

    Jonathan Porath Sound

  23. Photo of John Purcell

    John Purcell Sound

  24. Photo of Noboyuki Tanaka

    Noboyuki Tanaka Sound