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  1. mpho3's rating of the film Music is the Weapon

    No prophet he, but stellar musician and man of ideas. Fela believed, "Once there's a good government in one African country, the whole of Africa will be liberated. Straight and progressive, clean government that knows what it's doing." The whole of world needs more of that. There was hope with Mandela that has passed. Perhaps if, as he professes, "music is the weapon of the future," hope may one day be born again.

  2. Nilda's rating of the film Music is the Weapon

    A film to understand Fela, his ideas and music but also to know a little bit more about Nigeria

  3. Eostig Louet's rating of the film Music is the Weapon

    This is an interesting documentary on Fela, but there's a terrible problem: the work on the sound captured during some of the live performances is shitty. Still good to watch if you're interested in this great musician and the afro-beat.