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Ratings & Reviews

  1. El Biffo's rating of the film My Best Girl

    Mary Pickford is just delightful in this warm, fun rom-com from the Silent Era. Pickford was a pioneer in Hollywood, and co-founded United Artists with Fairbanks, Chaplin and Griffith. If the chemistry between her and Buddy Rogers looks real, it was. They married in real life and lived happily ever after. 4.3*

  2. Charles Coleman's rating of the film My Best Girl

    One of the few romantic comedies I've ever seen where there's no judgment made on the "other" woman. No signs that Millicent is a horrible person. Mary and Buddy have great chemistry together, Charles Rosher is at the top of his game even borrowing shots from his previous film Sunrise, Sam Taylor never overplays anything, and it's a genuinely felt romantic film. A real gem, see it!!!!