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  1. Photo of Émilie Jouvet

    Émilie Jouvet Director, Self, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Romy Alizée

    Romy Alizée Self

  3. Photo of Elisa Asilé

    Elisa Asilé Self

  4. Photo of Misungui Bordelle

    Misungui Bordelle Self

  5. Photo of Rebecca Chaillon

    Rebecca Chaillon Self

  6. Photo of Marianne Chargois

    Marianne Chargois Self

  7. Photo of Guilhaine Chambon

    Guilhaine Chambon Self

  8. Photo of Margaux Rousselot de Saint-Céran

    Margaux Rousselot de Saint-Céran Self

  9. Photo of Bliss Onthestars

    Bliss Onthestars Self

  10. Photo of María Riot

    María Riot Self

  11. Photo of No Anger

    No Anger Self

  12. Photo of Flozif

    Flozif Self

  13. Photo of Jürgen Brüning

    Jürgen Brüning Producer

  14. Photo of Marine Longuet

    Marine Longuet Editing