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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film My Case

    Les trois premières séquences sont excellentes, la dernière frise l'ennui total aux limites de l'insupportable et de l'incongruité...

  2. francisca bacon's rating of the film My Case

    Formally daring if not so endearing Oliveira, Mon Cas produces the declension as in grammatical cases of one human plea to multiple film styles with their intrinsic "Weltanschauungs" & specific 'ontologies of pain'. The varying sound and saturation make this inflection sensible and act as punctuation/diacritics which switch the meaning of each segment to a diff. pitch, but sadly Job's fairly jarring wind-up elocution

  3. Peter's rating of the film My Case

    A profound and funny Beckettian meditation on life and meaning.

  4. josé neves's rating of the film My Case

    Cinematography by Mário Barroso.

  5. Karthik's rating of the film My Case

    An uncanny masterpiece that has the unnerving power, using all of film's resources, to render us strangers to our bodies (part 2; a bitter Beckettian comedy about the Cartesian ghost in the machine), our histories (part 3) and our understandings of our selves through religion or art (part 4: the great poem of Job). Like all 'supreme fictions' it "makes the visible a little hard / to see".

  6. porquenão's rating of the film My Case

  7. Lance L O T's rating of the film My Case

    The premise is very interesting until you get to the third part or actually midway through the second and then it is just a waiting game for it to finish and for youto feel good about yourself having watched such a marvelous masterpiece of brainiac creation...Merits to the idea and Luis Miguel Cintra is never bad...