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  1. Photo of Can Candan

    Can Candan Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Ayse Cetinbas

    Ayse Cetinbas Producer

  3. Photo of H. Metehan Ozkan

    H. Metehan Ozkan Producer and Cast

  4. Photo of Koray Kesik

    Koray Kesik Cinematography

  5. Photo of Oguz Yenen

    Oguz Yenen Cinematography

  6. Photo of Mehmet Tarhan

    Mehmet Tarhan Cast

  7. Photo of Pinar Özer

    Pinar Özer Cast

  8. Photo of Sema Yakar

    Sema Yakar Cast

  9. Photo of Zeki Yalcinoglu

    Zeki Yalcinoglu Cast

  10. Photo of Nilgül Yalcinoglu

    Nilgül Yalcinoglu Cast

  11. Photo of Sule Ceylan

    Sule Ceylan Cast

  12. Photo of Günseli Dum

    Günseli Dum Cast

  13. Photo of Gökçe Ince

    Gökçe Ince Editing and Producer

  14. Photo of Umut Senyol

    Umut Senyol Sound