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  1. Photo of Eduard Sachariev

    Eduard Sachariev Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Angel Nikolov

    Angel Nikolov Producer

  3. Photo of Plamen Maslarov

    Plamen Maslarov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alexander Tomov

    Alexander Tomov Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dobri Zhotev

    Dobri Zhotev Screenplay

  6. Photo of Stefan Trifonov

    Stefan Trifonov Cinematography

  7. Photo of Mariana Dimitrova

    Mariana Dimitrova Cast

  8. Photo of Plamen Serakov

    Plamen Serakov Cast

  9. Photo of Ivan Donev

    Ivan Donev Cast

  10. Photo of Raya Bachvarova

    Raya Bachvarova Cast

  11. Photo of Andrey Todorov

    Andrey Todorov Cast

  12. Photo of Anton Radichev

    Anton Radichev Cast

  13. Photo of Stoyan Stoev

    Stoyan Stoev Cast

  14. Photo of Ana Guncheva

    Ana Guncheva Cast

  15. Photo of Bozhidar Iskrenov

    Bozhidar Iskrenov Cast

  16. Photo of Katya Todorova

    Katya Todorova Cast

  17. Photo of Blagovest Argirov

    Blagovest Argirov Cast

  18. Photo of Svetoslav Argirov

    Svetoslav Argirov Cast

  19. Photo of Pepa Armankova

    Pepa Armankova Cast

  20. Photo of Magda Krasteva

    Magda Krasteva Editing

  21. Photo of Georgi Gutzev

    Georgi Gutzev Production Design

  22. Photo of Mitko Shterev

    Mitko Shterev Music

  23. Photo of Rositza Eneva

    Rositza Eneva Costume Design

  24. Photo of Dimitar Katardzhiev

    Dimitar Katardzhiev Sound

  25. Photo of Georgi Kondov

    Georgi Kondov Sound

  26. Photo of Rositza Kamburova

    Rositza Kamburova Costume Design