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  1. Photo of Charlie Loventhal

    Charlie Loventhal Director

  2. Photo of Leslie Ray

    Leslie Ray Screenplay

  3. Photo of Scott Valentine

    Scott Valentine Cast

  4. Photo of Michele Little

    Michele Little Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Trebor

    Robert Trebor Cast

  6. Photo of Gina Gallego

    Gina Gallego Cast

  7. Photo of Alan Fudge

    Alan Fudge Cast

  8. Photo of Lin Shaye

    Lin Shaye Cast

  9. Photo of James Gleason

    James Gleason Cast

  10. Photo of Jacques Haitkin

    Jacques Haitkin Cinematography

  11. Photo of David Newman

    David Newman Music

  12. Photo of Brenton Swift

    Brenton Swift Production Design

  13. Photo of Pieter Jan Brugge

    Pieter Jan Brugge Producer

  14. Photo of Gerald T. Olson

    Gerald T. Olson Producer

  15. Photo of Sara Risher

    Sara Risher Producer

  16. Photo of Robert Shaye

    Robert Shaye Producer

  17. Photo of Pierre David

    Pierre David Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Larry A. Thompson

    Larry A. Thompson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Ronald Roose

    Ronald Roose Editing

  20. Photo of Tom McKinley

    Tom McKinley Costume Design