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  1. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film My Father, Die

  2. Nick Schwab's rating of the film My Father, Die

    This vicious, if unique, Lousiana Bayou-set, revenge tale is semi-stiff and uneven, but still hard to look away from, even sometimes finding a humanity and beauty in darkness. Stretch is mesmerizing, while Anderson's tortured expressions convey the soul of his mature character, alongside narration of his younger self poetically weaved in. A gonzo flick that always rattles, and even sometimes, emotionally moves.

  3. Jason's rating of the film My Father, Die

    I refuse to accept that this movie was not made by children. Except for the bulk of the cast, obviously. What, pray tell, was their excuse? There is no way they were sufficiently remunerated. What indeed would be sufficient remuneration for appearing in this? You would have to pay me well enough that I would never have to work again. Of course nobody would ever ask me to appear in such a thing. What a blessing!