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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Deiner's rating of the film My Favorite Wife

    On the border of a higher rating. Overall, it is an inconsistent, messy, rushed, silly and dated as hell movie! That said there are a lot of comedy gold moments in the script (the phone booth scene comes to mind) that made the whole thing quite enjoyable. Dunne and Grant are great and made the movie funnier than it actually is.

  2. MarianneRenoir's rating of the film My Favorite Wife

    Great film. - Seven years on an island. You mean to tell me he didn't molest you in any way? - How could he? The poor fellow broke his leg trying to drag our boat through the surf. - He was laid up for six months. - That still leaves six and a half years.

  3. claudiaaraujo's rating of the film My Favorite Wife

    30/03 Comedy at best! Great cast and performances. Probably one of my favorites of Grant :)

  4. Spencer Draper's rating of the film My Favorite Wife

    Classic screwball zaniness that can't help but compare unfavorably to The Awful Truth. In fact, some of the plot structure is the same. Still fun to see Cary Grant and Irene Dunne at their best plus a "showdown" between housemates Grant and Scott. Even though it may not be as great as the other classics, My Favorite Wife reminds you of what film comedy once was.