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  1. Photo of Paul Cox

    Paul Cox Director

  2. Photo of Paul Cox

    Paul Cox Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bob Ellis

    Bob Ellis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jane Ballantyne

    Jane Ballantyne Producer

  5. Photo of Paul Cox

    Paul Cox Producer

  6. Photo of Ann Boyd

    Ann Boyd Music

  7. Photo of Renée Geyer

    Renée Geyer Music

  8. Photo of Yuri Sokol

    Yuri Sokol Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tim Lewis

    Tim Lewis Editing

  10. Photo of Asher Bilu

    Asher Bilu Production Design

  11. Photo of John Hargreaves

    John Hargreaves Cast

  12. Photo of Wendy Hughes

    Wendy Hughes Cast

  13. Photo of David Cameron

    David Cameron Cast

  14. Photo of Lucy Angwin

    Lucy Angwin Cast

  15. Photo of Anna Maria Monticelli

    Anna Maria Monticelli Cast

  16. Photo of Betty Lucas

    Betty Lucas Cast

  17. Photo of Lucy Uralov

    Lucy Uralov Cast

  18. Photo of Robin Lovejoy

    Robin Lovejoy Cast

  19. Photo of Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

    Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Cast

  20. Photo of Jon Finlayson

    Jon Finlayson Cast

  21. Photo of Julia Blake

    Julia Blake Cast

  22. Photo of Ron Falk

    Ron Falk Cast

  23. Photo of Xenia Groutas

    Xenia Groutas Cast

  24. Photo of Reg Roddick

    Reg Roddick Cast

  25. Photo of Renée Geyer

    Renée Geyer Cast

  26. Photo of Sabrina Lorenz

    Sabrina Lorenz Cast

  27. Photo of Christopher Holligan

    Christopher Holligan Cast

  28. Photo of Linden Wilkinson

    Linden Wilkinson Cast

  29. Photo of Tony Llewellyn-Jones

    Tony Llewellyn-Jones Cast

  30. Photo of Symonetta Dennis

    Symonetta Dennis Cast

  31. Photo of Jentah Sobott

    Jentah Sobott Cast

  32. Photo of Terry Rodman

    Terry Rodman Cast