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  1. Photo of Marino Girolami

    Marino Girolami Screenplay, Director Producer

  2. Photo of Giulio Scarnicci

    Giulio Scarnicci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Renzo Tarabusi

    Renzo Tarabusi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carlo Veo

    Carlo Veo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ugo Tognazzi

    Ugo Tognazzi Cast

  6. Photo of Carlo Croccolo

    Carlo Croccolo Cast

  7. Photo of Raimondo Vianello

    Raimondo Vianello Cast

  8. Photo of Abbe Lane

    Abbe Lane Cast

  9. Photo of Hélène Chanel

    Hélène Chanel Cast

  10. Photo of Linda Sini

    Linda Sini Cast

  11. Photo of Luigi Pavese

    Luigi Pavese Cast

  12. Photo of Anna Campori

    Anna Campori Cast

  13. Photo of Luigi De Filippo

    Luigi De Filippo Cast

  14. Photo of Tina Gloriani

    Tina Gloriani Cast

  15. Photo of Gloria Milland

    Gloria Milland Cast

  16. Photo of Angela Portaluri

    Angela Portaluri Cast

  17. Photo of Mimmo Poli

    Mimmo Poli Cast

  18. Photo of Silvio Bagolini

    Silvio Bagolini Cast

  19. Photo of Arturo Bragaglia

    Arturo Bragaglia Cast

  20. Photo of Pina Gallini

    Pina Gallini Cast

  21. Photo of Leopoldo Valentini

    Leopoldo Valentini Cast

  22. Photo of Francesco Tensi

    Francesco Tensi Cast

  23. Photo of Marcello Bonini Olas

    Marcello Bonini Olas Cast

  24. Photo of Enzo Maggio

    Enzo Maggio Cast

  25. Photo of Luciano Trasatti

    Luciano Trasatti Cinematography

  26. Photo of Alexandre Derevitsky

    Alexandre Derevitsky Music

  27. Photo of Saverio D'Eugenio

    Saverio D'Eugenio Production Design

  28. Photo of Franco Fraticelli

    Franco Fraticelli Editing