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  1. Photo of Irving Cummings

    Irving Cummings Director

  2. Photo of Theodore Dreiser

    Theodore Dreiser Screenplay

  3. Photo of Seton I. Miller

    Seton I. Miller Screenplay

  4. Photo of Darrell Ware

    Darrell Ware Screenplay

  5. Photo of Karl Tunberg

    Karl Tunberg Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ernest Palmer

    Ernest Palmer Cinematography

  7. Photo of Leigh Harline

    Leigh Harline Music

  8. Photo of Cyril J. Mockridge

    Cyril J. Mockridge Music

  9. Photo of Robert L. Simpson

    Robert L. Simpson Editing

  10. Photo of Rita Hayworth

    Rita Hayworth Cast

  11. Photo of Victor Mature

    Victor Mature Cast

  12. Photo of John Sutton

    John Sutton Cast

  13. Photo of Carole Landis

    Carole Landis Cast

  14. Photo of James Gleason

    James Gleason Cast

  15. Photo of Phil Silvers

    Phil Silvers Cast

  16. Photo of Walter Catlett

    Walter Catlett Cast

  17. Photo of Mona Maris

    Mona Maris Cast