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  1. Photo of Orhan Elmas

    Orhan Elmas Director

  2. Photo of Erdoğan Tünas

    Erdoğan Tünas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Filiz Akin

    Filiz Akin Cast

  4. Photo of Cüneyt Arkın

    Cüneyt Arkın Cast

  5. Photo of Nubar Terziyan

    Nubar Terziyan Cast

  6. Photo of Yusuf Sezgin

    Yusuf Sezgin Cast

  7. Photo of Hülya Tuğlu

    Hülya Tuğlu Cast

  8. Photo of Deniz Erkanat

    Deniz Erkanat Cast

  9. Photo of Tan Yeşim

    Tan Yeşim Cast

  10. Photo of Muammer Gozalan

    Muammer Gozalan Cast

  11. Photo of Mehmet Büyükgüngör

    Mehmet Büyükgüngör Cast

  12. Photo of Zeki Sezer

    Zeki Sezer Cast

  13. Photo of Mahmure Handan

    Mahmure Handan Cast

  14. Photo of Hakkı Kıvanç

    Hakkı Kıvanç Cast

  15. Photo of Tanju Sarman

    Tanju Sarman Cast

  16. Photo of Süheyl Eğriboz

    Süheyl Eğriboz Cast

  17. Photo of Ali Demir

    Ali Demir Cast

  18. Photo of Nermin Özses

    Nermin Özses Cast

  19. Photo of Gulten Ceylan

    Gulten Ceylan Cast

  20. Photo of İrfan Ünal

    İrfan Ünal Producer