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  1. Photo of Bibi Vogel

    Bibi Vogel Cast

  2. Photo of Nivaldo Lima

    Nivaldo Lima Cast

  3. Photo of Eddio Smanio

    Eddio Smanio Cast

  4. Photo of Walter Portela

    Walter Portela Cast

  5. Photo of Tony Cardi

    Tony Cardi Cast

  6. Photo of Claudio Vianna

    Claudio Vianna Cast and Production Design

  7. Photo of Aluizio de Castro

    Aluizio de Castro Cast

  8. Photo of José Ferreira

    José Ferreira Cast

  9. Photo of Mário Lima

    Mário Lima Cast

  10. Photo of Leonora Tavares

    Leonora Tavares Cast

  11. Photo of Esmeralda Ruchel

    Esmeralda Ruchel Cast

  12. Photo of Vera França

    Vera França Cast

  13. Photo of Anita Leite

    Anita Leite Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Overbeck

    Peter Overbeck Cinematography

  15. Photo of Paulinho Nogueira

    Paulinho Nogueira Music

  16. Photo of Nilza de Lima

    Nilza de Lima Producer

  17. Photo of M. Augusto de Cervantes

    M. Augusto de Cervantes Producer

  18. Photo of Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias

    Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias Producer, Director Screenplay

  19. Photo of Luiz Elias

    Luiz Elias Editing