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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jefferson's rating of the film My Perestroika

    This was really really special.

  2. Evnad's rating of the film My Perestroika

    My Perestroika was a very good documentary. Its seamless use of editing in melding together the past/present lives of its five primary subjects was actually impressive. Instead of going for a more academic/philosophical route, I loved how this one went for a more personal and intimate touch - without the outrageous sentimentality and misplaced nostalgia that documentaries of this type tend to do.

  3. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film My Perestroika

    Fascinating doc follows a group of Russian schoolmates who came of age just as the USSR dissolved. Juxtaposes footage of their Soviet childhood with the modern upbringing of their own kids, finding haunting parallels. It's an engaging inside look at the social upheaval behind the iron curtain, and how it affected its last generation. Everything comes full circle, and we are left wondering just how much has changed.