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  1. Photo of Lucio Fulci

    Lucio Fulci Director

  2. Photo of Franco Marotta

    Franco Marotta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Laura Toscano

    Laura Toscano Screenplay

  4. Photo of Franco Mercuri

    Franco Mercuri Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gianni Agus

    Gianni Agus Cast

  6. Photo of Giancarlo Dettori

    Giancarlo Dettori Cast

  7. Photo of Edwige Fenech

    Edwige Fenech Cast

  8. Photo of Oreste Lionello

    Oreste Lionello Cast

  9. Photo of Pietro Tordi

    Pietro Tordi Cast

  10. Photo of Piero Palermini

    Piero Palermini Cast

  11. Photo of Michele Malaspina

    Michele Malaspina Cast

  12. Photo of Mario Maranzana

    Mario Maranzana Cast

  13. Photo of Walter Valdi

    Walter Valdi Cast

  14. Photo of Luca Sportelli

    Luca Sportelli Cast

  15. Photo of Raf Luca

    Raf Luca Cast

  16. Photo of Gianni Solaro

    Gianni Solaro Cast

  17. Photo of Luciano Trasatti

    Luciano Trasatti Cinematography

  18. Photo of Roberto Sbarigia

    Roberto Sbarigia Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Ornella Micheli

    Ornella Micheli Editing

  20. Photo of Vera Cozzolino

    Vera Cozzolino Costume Design