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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nina's rating of the film My Stuff

    1. I should clean up my room. 2. I should learn Finnish. 3. DO YOU WANT TO BE MY BOYFRIEND?

  2. Ioanna-Violet's rating of the film My Stuff

    An interesting film/documentary - i liked the nature of the experiment, and the rationale behind it.

  3. Criss Fletcher's rating of the film My Stuff

    Petri is filling an internal void with stuff, and discovers the void isn't being filled, but his flat is. His solution: put everything into storage and take out only one thing per day for a year. In this charming, funny and filmic documentary, we watch a man discover what is important to him. Eventually, he stops taking things out, and we finish the film by going to our cupboards and removing everything. Liberating.

  4. janh24's rating of the film My Stuff

    An engaging story, even if it never quite works in a cinematic format.

  5. Andlar's rating of the film My Stuff

    Right now, all my stuff is actually in storage (from the 90sqm flat where I lived for eight years). In that flat, I lived without a fridge for almost 17 months (e.g. wrapped milk carton in wet cloth overnight near window to keep it cold). The stuff in storage is approximately 9,000 km from where I live now. I enjoyed and appreciated this film concept and experience very much. Great locations and photography.

  6. Alex Thomas's rating of the film My Stuff

    Really interesting film unlike anything I had seen before. Make sure you check it out!!

  7. Huw Morgan's rating of the film My Stuff

    didn't agree so much with the doc style but this morning I threw away a bunch of stuff, so must have influenced me more than I'd thought. Smart

  8. Jamie Hughes's rating of the film My Stuff

  9. Ashleigh Cook's rating of the film My Stuff

    A sweet and honest portrayal of our dependence on things to make us feel like life has a meaning.

  10. Murksau's rating of the film My Stuff

    A story how bad is when you don't have a gf? as a staff.. haha. just boring.

  11. ajdehany's rating of the film My Stuff

    Cute story about overcoming invidious consumption that asks to what extent does our 'life' exist in our 'stuff' - how many things do you need in order to live?

  12. Jake Evans's rating of the film My Stuff

    The concept sounds crazy and i thought it might get dull. But the decision process in intriguing and it keeps you captivated whilst also making you slightly re-think your daily necessities to live.

  13. lewiswalsh's rating of the film My Stuff

    Beautifully shot, a really wonderful little film.

  14. Ben Mullins's rating of the film My Stuff

  15. davemcleod's rating of the film My Stuff

    Very interesting 'Lived Experiment' type documentary, but also with some pleasing meta stuff about how life-experiments in general play out. Fun, charming, hilarious at first, pretty thought-provoking by the end.

  16. Penelope q's rating of the film My Stuff

    "All you need is love", explained in a engaging Finish way. Granny the best.

  17. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film My Stuff

    The philosophical insights may not be that profound (it's not hard to appreciate that focusing on accumulation of material things may not be the most important thing in life) but the conceit of actually starting again from scratch is engagingly done and there are some droll moments along the way notably when stuff that you do need doesn't actually work. In the end though, to coin a phrase, all you need is love.

  18. Anita G's rating of the film My Stuff

    An idea that only the wealthy could come up with ! Interesting journey which is actually very well shot. Granny was good.

  19. raggiodisole's rating of the film My Stuff

    Interesting idea. lost its way a little but it was entirely carried aloft by the charismatic lead. Worth 80 minutes of anyones time, and you get stuff to think about too. Bargain!!