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Picture of Maoolina Fajrini

Maoolina Fajrini


chubby monroe

Picture of robin



When you hear everybody say the only thing worth in this film is Michelle's performance, trust them and watch the trailer instead, it'll save you time.

Picture of joaomoita
Picture of Panji



No matter what kind of person you were close with, this film is closer to us than 500DOS was. If only Mark Web directed it.

Picture of Maudy Puteri Agusdina

Maudy Puteri Agusdina


.....the character described a poor lonely and totally left me a love-hateable feeling, a fragile yet lovable. beautiful loneliness. i just watched that.

Picture of Dan Bayer

Dan Bayer


Michelle Williams is EVERYTHING in this. The movie, however, is a puffball, completely unworthy of her great performance (and Branagh's). Enjoyable, but really a nothing.

Picture of mjgildea



Almost everything was in place for My Week With Marilyn (great direction and performances -- especially from Michelle Williams) but the story floundered through the third act and mistakenly thought it could get to the credits by sliding its hand up the thigh of Marilyn Monroe's larger-than-life persona. Its definitely worth the watch, but its more of a performance showcase than a well-told story. Nice try though...

Picture of Troy Savory

Troy Savory


Forgive me as i am not too sure whether this is accurate as i am aware the story causes some debates. Even so i found the performances compelling and was genuinely surprised by how much i enjoyed this film. Worth the watch indeed.

Picture of riceball



I really liked the piano theme.

Picture of Riesca Amallia

Riesca Amallia


Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

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Picture of eyesless



Perchè? pourquoi? why?

Picture of Astho Baskoro

Astho Baskoro


My Week With Marylin was not an excelent movie. But Michelle Williams gives one of her best performance on screen as wonderful and poignant Monroe without imitating it.

Picture of Andrea Limone

Andrea Limone


Toccante dichiarazione d'amore per il cinema, pienamente al (grandioso) livello degli analoghi Hugo e The Artist; l'interpretazione di Michelle Williams è da libri di storia, semplicemente divina.

Picture of Lorena Brandão
Picture of Elvis Is King

Elvis Is King


Don't you think THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL should be listed as a "Related Film"?

Picture of Joaopa



que figura apaixonante a marilyn de michelle.... envolvente e tocante...

Picture of Natasha Strungis

Natasha Strungis


Michelle is awesome as Marilyn, and this is the better it gets, sadly.

Picture of Nutter Jr

Nutter Jr


I almost humped Merlyn Monroe when I was a young lad, does not make an appealing story. And if it weren't for the radiance of Michelle Williams and her ability to convince in equal measures as both the persona that cameras and public loved so much as well as the fragile and insecure woman she was in her private moments, this would be a real disappointing piece altogether.

Picture of Dzimas



It seems that the aim of the film was to make Marilyn a cuddly little nymph for young Colin's pleasure. I thought the performances were mediocre at best. Branagh is no Sir Laurence Olivier.