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  1. Photo of Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood Director, Music Producer

  2. Photo of Dennis Lehane

    Dennis Lehane Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brian Helgeland

    Brian Helgeland Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sean Penn

    Sean Penn Cast

  5. Photo of Tim Robbins

    Tim Robbins Cast

  6. Photo of Kevin Bacon

    Kevin Bacon Cast

  7. Photo of Laurence Fishburne

    Laurence Fishburne Cast

  8. Photo of Marcia Gay Harden

    Marcia Gay Harden Cast

  9. Photo of Laura Linney

    Laura Linney Cast

  10. Photo of Kevin Chapman

    Kevin Chapman Cast

  11. Photo of Tom Guiry

    Tom Guiry Cast

  12. Photo of Emmy Rossum

    Emmy Rossum Cast

  13. Photo of Adam Nelson

    Adam Nelson Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Wahlberg

    Robert Wahlberg Cast

  15. Photo of Andrew Mackin

    Andrew Mackin Cast

  16. Photo of Spencer Treat Clark

    Spencer Treat Clark Cast

  17. Photo of Jenny O'Hara

    Jenny O'Hara Cast

  18. Photo of Cameron Bowen

    Cameron Bowen Cast

  19. Photo of Jason Kelly

    Jason Kelly Cast

  20. Photo of Connor Paolo

    Connor Paolo Cast

  21. Photo of Cayden Boyd

    Cayden Boyd Cast

  22. Photo of Jonathan Togo

    Jonathan Togo Cast

  23. Photo of Tom Stern

    Tom Stern Cinematography

  24. Photo of Henry Bumstead

    Henry Bumstead Production Design

  25. Photo of Judie Hoyt

    Judie Hoyt Producer

  26. Photo of Robert Lorenz

    Robert Lorenz Producer

  27. Photo of Bruce Berman

    Bruce Berman Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Joel Cox

    Joel Cox Editing