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  1. Photo of George Paul Csicsery

    George Paul Csicsery Director, Producer Editing

  2. Photo of John Knoop

    John Knoop Cinematography

  3. Photo of Paul Erdös

    Paul Erdös Cast

  4. Photo of Ronald Graham

    Ronald Graham Cast

  5. Photo of Joel Spencer

    Joel Spencer Cast

  6. Photo of J.W.S. Cassels

    J.W.S. Cassels Cast

  7. Photo of Marta Sved

    Marta Sved Cast

  8. Photo of Tibor Gallai

    Tibor Gallai Cast

  9. Photo of Béla Bollobas

    Béla Bollobas Cast

  10. Photo of Fan Chung

    Fan Chung Cast

  11. Photo of Melvyn Nathanson

    Melvyn Nathanson Cast

  12. Photo of Laszlo Lovasz

    Laszlo Lovasz Cast

  13. Photo of Herbert Wilf

    Herbert Wilf Cast

  14. Photo of Tomasz Luczak

    Tomasz Luczak Cast

  15. Photo of Andrzej Rucinski

    Andrzej Rucinski Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Winkler

    Peter Winkler Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Karonski

    Michael Karonski Cast

  18. Photo of Alice Fialowski

    Alice Fialowski Cast

  19. Photo of Gabriella Bollobas

    Gabriella Bollobas Cast

  20. Photo of Anne Davenport

    Anne Davenport Cast

  21. Photo of Mark Adler

    Mark Adler Music