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  1. Photo of Yasuzô Masumura

    Yasuzô Masumura Director

  2. Photo of Seiji Hoshikawa

    Seiji Hoshikawa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Raizô Ichikawa

    Raizô Ichikawa Cast

  4. Photo of Sachiko Murase

    Sachiko Murase Cast

  5. Photo of Mayumi Ogawa

    Mayumi Ogawa Cast

  6. Photo of Daisuke Katô

    Daisuke Katô Cast

  7. Photo of Kyosuke Machida

    Kyosuke Machida Cast

  8. Photo of Yuzo Hayakawa

    Yuzo Hayakawa Cast

  9. Photo of E. H. Eric

    E. H. Eric Cast

  10. Photo of Setsuo Kobayashi

    Setsuo Kobayashi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Tadashi Yamauchi

    Tadashi Yamauchi Music

  12. Photo of Tomoo Shimogawara

    Tomoo Shimogawara Production Design

  13. Photo of Tatsuji Nakashizu

    Tatsuji Nakashizu Editing