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  1. Photo of Vaqif Mustafayev

    Vaqif Mustafayev Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ramiz Fataliyev

    Ramiz Fataliyev Screenplay

  3. Photo of Avtandil Makharadze

    Avtandil Makharadze Cast

  4. Photo of Hasanaga Turabov

    Hasanaga Turabov Cast

  5. Photo of Rolan Bykov

    Rolan Bykov Cast

  6. Photo of Irina Kupchenko

    Irina Kupchenko Cast

  7. Photo of Yelena Sanayeva

    Yelena Sanayeva Cast

  8. Photo of Yuriy Nazarov

    Yuriy Nazarov Cast

  9. Photo of Yaşar Nuri

    Yaşar Nuri Cast

  10. Photo of Hacı İsmayılov

    Hacı İsmayılov Cast

  11. Photo of Latifa Aliyeva

    Latifa Aliyeva Cast

  12. Photo of Alasgar Qurbanaliyev

    Alasgar Qurbanaliyev Cast

  13. Photo of Arif Karimov

    Arif Karimov Cast

  14. Photo of Hamlet Qurbanov

    Hamlet Qurbanov Cast

  15. Photo of Yılmaz Duru

    Yılmaz Duru Cast

  16. Photo of Sayavuş Aslan

    Sayavuş Aslan Cast

  17. Photo of Eldaniz Zeynalov

    Eldaniz Zeynalov Cast

  18. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  19. Photo of Valeri Ginzburg

    Valeri Ginzburg Cinematography

  20. Photo of Tofiq Quliyev

    Tofiq Quliyev Music

  21. Photo of Nigar Narimanbayova

    Nigar Narimanbayova Production Design

  22. Photo of Rafiq Nasirov

    Rafiq Nasirov Production Design

  23. Photo of Vladimir Savin

    Vladimir Savin Sound