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Ratings & Reviews

  1. El Biffo's rating of the film Naked Came the Stranger

    I get the feeling that Radley Metzger (1929-2017) really wanted to make a comedy or social satire, but had to make this a porn film because that's what he was paid for. That he really just wanted to be a filmmaker. The sex scenes here seem like an afterthought. But Metzger's love for cinema is evident; 10 minutes of the film are silent, black&white, w/intertitles. The final shot shows King Kong & Marlene Dietrich.3.6

  2. Francisco Pedro's rating of the film Naked Came the Stranger

    The most underrated of Metzger's films under his Henry Paris alias. Darby Lloyd Rains is a delight to watch, a strong and charismatic lead (something you can't really say for Constance Money, for example). Like most of his hardcore work, the sex scenes go on for way too long, but who watches these films for the sex anyhow? The "silent movie" scene might be Metzger's crowning achievement.